Sunday, January 27, 2013


Photo by Virginie Khateeb

Clearly it took a while to get back into the blogging thing... oops.
But here we are with one of my favourite releases of the year so far (ok I know we're only one month in so let's just say it's really really good), which is Jacques Renault's new EP 'Back To You' on his Let's Play House imprint. And when I say 'EP' I mainly mean the splendid Paradis remix on the B-side.
With a rather engaging bassline and delicate vocals - two things that in the course of just two EP's have become characteristic for their sound) - the French duo and Beats In Space signees transformed the original based around a few hooks and a jerky rhythm into something that sounds surprisingly streamlined. It's their first venture into the remix game and we couldn't have hoped for a better result.
In a way it's a pity that this remix is so good, because the original is actually quite good as well but will most likely be completely overlooked because of the remix (and this post is not helping, I know), so do take the time to check the entire release and buy it (digitally or on vinyl).

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