Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Photo by (I don't know who it's by. If anyone does...)

Been a big fan of Footprintz since their first single 'Utopia' came out (it was the final track on the mix I made for Subbacultcha last year), and the subsequent pieces we heard from them such as the Depeche Mode-y 'Fear Of Numbers' and recent 'Dangers Of The Mouth' single which included a proper remix bomb by fellow Canadian Tiga have continued that affinity. So, imagine my excitement for their debut album 'Escape Yourself' that's recently been released and co-produced by Mr. Ewan Pearson.
They've been kind enough to give a track from the album away for free, one that I think it brings together all the different elements that I like about them; breathy delicate vocals, the right amount of sleaze, the right amount of melancholy and great chords. The only shitty news? They split up back in February....
Listen to / download it below, and check a short mix of the album here. And maybe buy it here while you're at it.

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dayoung said...

this photo and music makes me feet so amazing. nice.