Wednesday, May 22, 2013


About Group - All Is Not Lost

Hello hello hello again.
There's quite a few Hot Chip side projects that one needs to keep an eye on, Alexis Taylor's About Group being one of them. It's something a little bit more experimental than Hot Chip, and this track in particular has a bit of a jam-session feel to it (in a good way).
The slow-motion images by artist Henrik Håkansson that are used in this accompanying video emphasize the repetitiveness of Taylor's vocals and the slowly pulsating chords that - according to the man - "owe a lot to R. Kelly’s song 'Reality'." I Couldn't think of more appropriate visuals for this track than these ones.
About Group's new album 'Between The Walls' will be out July 1st, pre-order it here. The single 'All Is Not Lost' will be released June 24th.
Back with more soon.

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