Sunday, July 14, 2013


Photo by Camilla Storgaard

Close (a new project by Will Saul), has recently released his debut album 'Getting Closer' on !K7 Records, 'My Way' is the second single of that album. The version of 'My Way' that appears on the album is actually an alternate version by Tanner Ross & Slow Hands, the version below is the original version which you can download for free on the Close facebook page. It has a great "Less Is More" production that highlights Joe Dukie's great voice, by supporting it mostly just with a simple rhythm and bassline played by band members of Fink.
The single comes with with remixes by Dusky and Midland, as well as the Tanner Ross & Slow Hands version mentioned above. You can buy the single here, or the entire album here.

Close feat. Joe Dukie - My Way (Original Version)

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