Thursday, July 11, 2013


Susumu Koshimizu - Crack the stone (Mono-ha, 1970)

Syncopated rhythms are sort of a trademark for Motor City Drum Ensemble, they give his tracks their typical choppy, rough sound. In this remix of one of MCDE's best known tracks (I call it "that track with the Moby vocals in it" - though the original vocals are actually from Barbara Lyn - 'I'm A Good Woman' and this is completely beside the point). What I meant to say: in this remix, Recloose starts off with that easily distinguishable syncopated rhythm, as if to remind you who it is he's remixing, but then gradually it evolves into a more polished Recloose-like aproach. It's a nice example of a remix that remodels a track without it becoming overbearing and without losing sight of the original concept of the track.
Forthcoming on a compilation with MCDE remixes, to be released by Faces Records.

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