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I've been going through my itunes library a bit these past few days and in the process of doing so I've come across some Telex albums again, a band who you'll most likely remember from 'Moskow Discow' or their (at the time) baffling performance at the Eurovision song contest in 1980 - their plan was to finish last in the competition, but they failed and ended second to last.
Below are two remixes off a Telex remix cd from around 1998. For starters there's the Carl Craig remix of 'Moskow Discow' (I included the remix cause I thought most of you would know the original already. However, if you don't, take the time to check it out. It's a Belgian classic.) The remix really has an archetypical late nineties sound, it's almost a dub mix, with an odd breakdown about two thirds into the track. The 'Raised By Snakes' remix coincidentally comes right after the Carl Craig remix on said cd, it's something quite different, inclining more to Roulé-sounding music, so still classic for that era. Interesting how both remixes 'updated' tracks that were already 20 years old at the time, to make them fit with what was hip & happening then, but now these remixes themselves have become vintage pieces.
Although Telex have released some great music, some people might not comprehend their ironic intentions today and dismiss it as 'outdated'. To catch a glimpse of their characteristically humourous, cheesy and (again, at the time) futuristic sounding pop, I've also included 'A/B' and 'Sigmund Freud's Party' below, which are some of my favourites out of their discography.

Telex - Moskow Discow (Carl Craig Mix)

Telex - Raised By Snakes (Shake Mix)

Telex - A/B

Telex - Sigmund Freud's Party

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Greetings from Vermont USA -thank you for posting this wonderful music...