Thursday, October 10, 2013


Photo by Nadia Sarwar

Has anyone actually listened to the entire David Bowie album? I realised today that I haven't... Here's the good thing though: he's releasing an 'Extra' edition of The Next Day and whereas in most cases I hate it when an artist releases an extended/special edition/bonus version of an album you've already bought, in this case The Next Day Extra might be my cue to invest. There's all sorts of stuff on this special edition but the only thing that really matters to me right now is this piece of bliss by James Murphy.
A big name remix of a big name fails to meet expectations more often than we'd like, but really this one does the trick perfectly, and not in an arrogant way but just by being well thought through and excellently produced, from the seemingly arythmic hand clapping at the start right up until the last few synth chords. And to be honest, did we expect anything less from Mr. Murphy?


Don Simon said...

Wow, thanks! This had totally passed me by...

Slow Dance said...

James Murphy and David Bowie = Power Couple