Sunday, May 10, 2015


Photo by AKATRE

I haven't kept track of these guys nearly as well as I should have the last few years, but seeing their nice new artwork pop up every once in while in the last few months peeked my interest, and turns out they still sound as well as they did before.
The guys I'm talking about is Danish trio WhoMadeWho, and their new EP 'Ember' is about to come out on Get Physical.
Title track 'Ember' features the classic echoing WhoMadeWho vocals and reminds me of Remain & Matt Walsh's Insame a bit, but it's the second track 'There's A Way' that's doing it for me right now. All in all some great laid back rhythms, with equally laid-back vocals and just the right amount of balearic flair.
You can preorder the EP over here, where you can also have a listen to the entire EP.

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