Sunday, October 13, 2013


Photo by Lea Colombo for Jacquemus SS014

It would probably be cool to say that I found these track in a bargain bin in a very obscure & cool record shop, but the truth is they were on an Eskimo mix compilation that I played so, so much a few years ago - because I liked the music, but mostly also because of it being a neon orange cd that just looked really cool. I reckon you can't pick this up in the store anymore, but it's still one of my favourite mix cds to date, so worth checking out.

Shaun Escoffery - Days Like This (DJ Spinna Remix)

Lil' Louis & The Party - Clap Your Hands (Tambourine Mix)


Sarah F said...

C'est super drôle car j'ai découvert ces deux sons cette semaine sur des sets de Mike Simonetti ! je n'en démords pas.

Club lonely, extraordinaire, la musique que tu connais d'oreille sans y mettre la main dessus. En fait c'est de Lil' Louis and the world :

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sofie said...

génial, merci pour ce lien Sarah!

Slow Dance said...

perfect summertime jams