Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Photo by Joes Roosens

Unplanned hiatus, oops. There's been quite a bit of nice music I've been meaning to post lately, and the track below comes with the good news that Lone has a new album coming out on R&S Records, titled 'Reality Testing'. It'll be out on 17 June.
The track consists of two distinct parts, which apparently was Lone's intention for the album in general:
"I love the idea of two things sat side by side, but instead of it seeming like they’re complete opposites, [it's more that] those two things could almost be the same thing." (source).
The first part has this obvious instrumental hip hop vibe, really easygoing and laidback, and towards the end then it seamlessly floats into something that picks up where Airglow Fires had left off. Hence it wasn't a surprise to read that Airglow Fires is tracklisted just after this one on the album.
If instrumental hip hop is your thing then that Nicolas Jaar Beats in Space mix from a few years back is still a great listen by the way.

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