Sunday, April 20, 2014


Photo by Joke De Wilde

You'll Never Get To Heaven is a duo from Canada, they've released a debut album some two years ago and recently put out an EP titled 'Adorn' on their own imprint Mystic Roses Records.
The first notes of that EP instantly makes you think it's an Italians Do It Better record, although the rest of the EP shows a more diverse perspective of influences and interests.
Title track 'Adorn' for example would be sorted in the lo-fi or shoegaze department, while 'Unravel' - the unfortunately only one minute long intermezzo on the EP that was used to score this beautiful campaign video for the Mykita + Maison Martin Margiela eyewear collection - leans more towards a Boards of Canada sound, a sound that is further explored and developed in the closing track 'Closer'.
Despite the range of ideas, the band is still able to combine all of this into one coherent storyline, and all of it in the span of just a 17min EP.
You can stream the entire EP here and buy it here.

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