Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Photo by Zara Pfeifer

Hello? Is This Thing On?
Lots of things have happened and lots of things are coming, there's lots of music I've been meaning to share (but didn't) and lots more music I will try to share, so here's somewhere to start.
The boys from Holger are kickstarting their label Holger Tracks with an EP by Belgian band Bright Entity titled "Flying while Standing".
Lots of music references I could write down, but let the music speak for itself for now.
Below is a clip of the last track on the EP, do check out the other clips here.
For the entire thing you'll have to go to the release party of the EP, which is this Saturday April 11th in Brussels - more info here.
And above is a picture of a palmtree because I've missed confusing the hell out of people with these photo/music combinations.

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