Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Photo by Brian Ulrich

The inimitable Morgan Geist works under many guises, and has just added another one to the list. The Galleria is a (for now) still very ungoogleable name, but underneath the clean cut rhythms and bubblegum vocals on his latest EP 'Calling Card / The Mezzanine', there's Geist's touch for sure.
The two pieces feature Jessy Lanza on vocals, and are both accompanied by a club friendly edit.
It's a grower for sure, so either you listen to it now for an hour on repeat, or you stow it away in your record collection and pull it out in a few months, because there's nothing better than discovering a hidden gem in your collection months after purchase, finally realising how much you actually like it.
Right now it's an iTunes exclusive, but vinyl and other digital outlets are following next week.

The Galleria - Calling Card

The Galleria - Mezzanine (Up Dub)

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