Sunday, October 19, 2008


I don't understand a word they're saying, but that doesn't matter,
you can enjoy listening to it nonetheless
Anyone knows what they're singing about?

Kent - Vy Från Ett Luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix)


don Simon said...

The title means "View from an air castle", where the latter is a common metaphore for grand dreams with no real connection to reality.

Kent is probably sweden's biggest rock band, they've got some clever/poetic lyrics but are musicwise quite boring. Thus unexpected to find posted by a non swedish speaker. What brings you to all them sweet swedes?

STEFANIE said...

'vlieg met me mee naar de regenboog rainbow, ik denk alleen aan jou!'

clubstruisvogel said...

It think they are singing "Sofie... you are so cool!" ;-)
Die zweedse snodaards toch..

sofie said...

ah thanks don simon!
yeah same with dEUS if you read that post i wrote about them, the original's quite boring, but the remix is nice! i don't know the original Kent song but i quite like the remix of it :)
sweden has some great artists (LO-FI-FNK, Studio, Lykke Li, Familjen, The Knife ...) and great music always finds me! ;)

stefanie ge zat er mss dan toch nie zo ver van met die regenboog!
en hihi, ik hoopte maar da ze zingen dat ik cool ben maar kvrees er wel een beetje voor :(