Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Such a beautiful song, such a great album. at the time this gets posted i'll be making my last exam, so fingers crossed: freedom is near!

Miike Snow - A Horse Is Not A Home (ALT)

PS- in case you use Bloglovin, you can now follow my blog here


STEFANIE said...

fingers are crossed!

Gerlin said...

Hihi ik gebruik bloglovin en ik had je url al toegevoegd hoor :-)


sofie said...

aah tof! doet er mij aan denken da ik neon enlightenment ook eens ga toevoegen op bloglovin (hoewel ik da eig nie zo veel gebruik, maja ^^)

ook een hoera voor u! en veel plezier bij de sweet swedes eh! :)

Don Simon said...

And, since I've commented everything else I might as well spend a minute on saying how this track was magnificent! Might be the tropical weather but I'm so receptive for this pop sweetness right now.

Nice suite! It seems you're well back on track after that time of isolation.

sofie said...

simon: i think it's the weather yes, i've been devouring poppy tunes lately! : )

etoilee8 said...

I really like this song too.