Sunday, August 2, 2009


And here we are back again. You might have noticed SSSSOUND has been undergoing some changes recently, now the makeover is complete! What better way to celebrate than with a third part of the SSSSOUNDTRACK project? For this one SSSSOUND invited Nebby to show of his DJ-skills (yes, he is both graphic designer and DJ, we all know that combination is meant for succes!) And happy we can be: An excellent tracklisting including In Flagranti, Joakim, Bot'Ox, Riton, LCD Soundsystem and lots more, mixed together to form one hour of pure SSSSOUNDTRACK pleasure. download it HERE!
PS - you can find the SSSSOUNDTRACK archive in the left sidebar!


Jake said...

Love the new look

Loving the mix too

You might want to fix the link so it doesn't have so many h's in the url

sofie said...

oops! all fixed now,
thanks jake : )

Kate said...

Ohh new layout looking good :D
And dropular is really cool to. I'd love an invite!

Gerlin said...

Love the new look! Serieus, echt leuk gedaan en je weet ook wel dat ik een fan ben van 't design van de sssoundtracks he :-D

Well done!

STEFANIE said...

Go Nebby!

Nebby said...

@Jake, Stefanie and of course Sofie. Glad you like the mix!

Nebby said...

@sofie DJ mehdi lost his J ;)

sofie said...

Gerlin: merci! :)

Nebby: OH NO! poor Mehdi, fixed it ;)

Nebby said...

Was listening to it again - still liking it! Doesn't happen a lot ;)