Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I think quite a few people were curious how The Knife would it pull it off, making music for the opera "Tomorrow, In A Year". The great news is that a studio album of the opera will be released, 1st March, so there's no reason to be sad if you can't make it to one of the performances. Colouring of Pigeons is available as a free download and it's really intriguing to hear how well they've integrated classic opera vocals in this 11 minutes trip, whilst staying true to their own sound. More info about the project here.

The Knife - Colouring of Pigeons (ALT)


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Anonymous said...

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Don Simon said...

I'm off to see it in three weeks! Excited beyond words!

sofie said...

oh wow simon, i envy you! guess i'll stick with the cd
let me know how it was : )

Gerlin said...

Hmm really not sure about this. I quite like this track I think but I just really dislike opera music. I've already heard the entire album and it's not quite my cup of tea. I'm a huge fan of The Knife but this might take a few more listens.
Happy 2010 by the way.

PS: wij hebben toch lekker de 2 mooiste muziekblogs van België ;-) tot binnenkort!

sofie said...

I know, gerlin, I previewed the album after i wrote this post and it does sounds weird at times. I think some parts are really needed to create the right atmosphere on stage but just sound a bit off when only hearing the music.

Listening to opera just isn't the same as watching it, the album will never equal the live opera performance so i can definitely understand people not liking it.

I'm not surprised they took this song as a free download though, since this one's really accessible -even with the opera vocals - while others aren't.

happy 2010 to you too, see you soon
& YES hahaha! : )