Friday, April 30, 2010


Today I'm very excited to share a new project on ssssound with you: Villa's Vinyl Vault. The idea is simple: every now and then Fredo from Villa will be sharing some of his favourite classics with us - and since he's got nearly a decade of experience in DJing (and thus crate digging), expect to discover lots of vinyl gems.
Starting off with the legend that turned 70 this week: Giorgio Moroder.
Apart from his work with Donna Summer and classics like 'The Chase' or 'I Wanna Rock You', there's more to be discovered:

Giorgo Moroder - Utopia - Me Giorgio (ALT)

Artist: Giorgio Moroder
Album: From Here to Eternity (side A)
Release date: 1977
Fredo's advice: The A-side of the LP can in fact can be considered as one entire track, with 'Utopia - Me Giorgio' as its highlight.


STEFANIE said...

this is going to be fun! can't wait to hear the next one :)

don simon said...

This track is pretty much the core definition of the word classic. It's almost as good as the man is amazing looking.