Wednesday, June 9, 2010


After the numerous remixes, Villa is about to drop their first official release. I'm quite sure that's something more than a few people have been looking forward to. With vocals by The New Sins' lovely Lou Hayter and none other than Mickey Moonlight on backings, Villa's take on the Belgian classic 'Beats of Love' today sounds as fresh as Nacht und Nebel's original version must have sounded back in 1983. Hit material, so to speak.
Out on Abracada June 28th - keep an eye on this label, lots of exciting new releases coming from this one!

Listen to previews of the entire release here.

Villa - Beats of Love (Feat. The New Sins)

PS - Lou Hayter delivered vocals for Mickey Moonlight's latest EP 'Love Pattern' as well, check it out if you like this combination!


STEFANIE said...

I luuuuurve this! =)

TED said...

so excited for this release!