Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Photo by Sergio Belinchón

Home Video, previously known for that incredibly beautiful 'Penguin' single that got remixed by Tim Goldsworthy, are back with a new album 'The Automatic Process'.
'The Smoke', featured on the new album, is rather melancholic and - it has to be noted - quite stunning. The Midnight Sun remix however, is most surprising; the jazzy and light tone of it doesn't in the least bit suggest it comes from such a heavy-loaded original. Both are great in their own way though.
Last but not least it's worth mentioning that band itself is quite good at remixing too, seen as their remix for Bear in Heaven is quite the stunner as well.

Home Video - The Smoke (ALT)

Home Video - The Smoke (Midnight sun Remix) (ALT)

Bear In Heaven - Ultimate Satisfaction (Home Video Remix) (ALT)

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Don Simon said...

bit late on this one, but that original is mesmerizing, thanks for passig it on!