Saturday, March 26, 2011


Photo by Brian W. Ferry

Pharao Black Magic have been featured on here numerous times before, but we're always happy when the Swiss duo has got new things to share. They're finally bringing out their first EP with original material plus two remixes, it's soon to be released on Nang Records. Also, they've made two remixes that are both coming out somewhere around April or May; one for Popular Computer and one for Tronik Youth.
Now, in the meantime: below is an original track of theirs that is actually just a demo (one naughty computer and no backup are responsible for that), but it should keep you going until their new material comes out. Spring is approaching fast and this would be the perfect soundtrack to it!

Pharao Black Magic - Yeah Yeah Yeah (ALT)

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heather cook said...

love this pic., you have a cool site..very fresh