Monday, May 30, 2011


Photo by Natassia Bruckin

I've had Slow Hands' 'The Formal EP' on high rotation these last few weeks, so you can imagine my delight when he gave this edit away.
It's a pretty special re-edit that stands much closer to his own productions than it does to the tons of 're-edits' that are in fact just the song with a new drum beat thrown over them.
Slow Hands instead takes Led Zeppelin to a nice new atmosphere that purist fans may equate to 'ruining the original song', but really, how boring would music be if no one would take a small risk every now and then?

PS - following the incomprehensibility on national radio as to why I put pictures of things like a head of lettuce on this blog, I now present you a piece of watermelon.... Why? Because I can.

Led Zeppelin - All Of My Love (Slow Hands Re-Do) (ALT)

Buy The Formal EP here.

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