Friday, September 30, 2011


Photo by Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates

A release I'm really excited about is Marius' debut EP "Things We Did" that came out yesterday, on the Dutch Non Records label. If you weren't familiar with the label yet you might have heard about one of their artists, Palmbomen, who's had a track of his on the Kitsuné Maison 10, though there's a slew of great artists on this label.
As mentioned several times before, I don't like drawing comparisons, but if you liked Cut Copy on their first album you're most likely going to love Marius' EP - be it that he's quite more edgy and experimental than Cut Copy. This is an EP that brims with playfulness and energy, has some weird samples - but the kind that are actually contributing to the track.
In six tracks Marius is able to set a mood and build a story, which unfortunately is something only rarely found in releases these days, especially in EPs. Below are three of the tracks including one, Yester, that Non Records are giving away. I'd advise you to stream the entire EP on soundcloud though, and then buy it here.

Marius - Staniel Cay

Marius - Things We Did

Marius - Yester (ALT)

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