Sunday, September 18, 2011


Photo by Alex Prager

Edwin 'Steel Drums' Van Cleef is on fire. As is Pharao Black Magic. Both just released a new EP, Edwin's EP being the subject of this post (you can still find PBM's EP here though).
Apart from the title track 'Never Be Alone' (which features vocals by Chicago band Gemini Club), the EP includes two other originals, 'Triton' & 'I Feel You' - the former being the one that got a Pharao Black Magic treatment.
The EP's sound is quite diverse yet shows a general club oriented feel, Triton in particular. Pharao Black Magic's version has a (what has come to be) very recognisable touch - and one I enjoy very much.
Lastly, I don't know Ugly Kids very well but was quite charmed with their remix for Never Be Alone At Night. This Swiss duo brings lightness and a dose of sugar to the table; after an eventfull week this might be exactly what you need on a Sunday evening.
Stream the entire EP on Edwin's soundcloud, buy it on Beatport orJuno.

Edwin Van Cleef - Triton (Pharao Black Magic Remix) (ALT)

Edwin Van Cleef - Triton

Edwin Van Cleef - Never Be Alone At Night (Ugly Kids Remix) (ALT)

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