Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Photo by Missy Prince

An EP that's been on high rotation these last few weeks is Pharao Black Magic's Amulet, out on Is It Balearic? Recordings. To answer that question (I know I know, lame joke), but yes, it is very balearic, and all kinds of lovely.
In short: one original, three remixes and copious amounts of sunny vibes are on offer here. And to elaborate on that: the original (with Peter Coyle on vocals) sits at a low tempo but with some elements that just can't keep you from moving. Sort of the greyish area of danceable/not danceable music that works like a treat if you can get the bpm low enough (if you didn't catch any of that: I'm being positive here). Begin's remix resolutely chooses the downtempo side of it that would do great at basically any place that has some sun rays to offer (as those are rather scarce at the moment: closing your eyes and imagining them will work as well), while Reverso 68's will definitely get your dancing feet out.
It's just arrived in record stores, so get it here or at whatever record store you prefer. Indispensible in your summer's playlist!

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