Thursday, July 12, 2012


Photo by Viktor Gårdsäter

Apart from having to split yourself in four to get around doing all the things you'd like to in Berlin, the city is really pretty great. Since science hasn't enabled us to do the person-splitting thing yet (or not that I know of), a recent trip to the city meant blogging was just one of those things that got left out - s.o.r.r.y. There's a few things that came out recently and I'd like to share though, one of them being Murphy Jax's latest joint with Mike Dunn.
Was and still am a big fan of their previous joint 'It's The Music', so check it out if for some reason you haven't yet. This one focuses more on melody, has an infectuous chorus and comes with a Serge Santiago remix that surely should set some dancefloors alight.
get it digitally with a bonus track here, vinyl lovers: this way.

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